How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting

Google something along the lines of “Best WordPress Hosting” and you’ll find that most of the results link to blogs with affiliate content and nothing but a price comparison between hosting companies.

But not here. We’ll go over (1) the different types of hosting available on the market, (2) what to look for in a WordPress hosting company, and (3) our list of the top hosting options in each category; all without any affiliate links and 100% unbiased.

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25 Ways To Improve WordPress Security

WordPress Security Tips

40% of all websites are powered by WordPress. And it’s popularity makes it a prime target for hackers.

Unfortunately, tons of WordPress websites get hacked every day due to a lack of security or poor security practices.

Reduce your chances of having your site compromised and improve the security of your WordPress website by using this list.

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5 Pieces Of Advice When Naming A Business Or Startup

What Should I Name My Company?

“Is a company’s name really that important? What should I name my company?”

These are questions that all entrepreneurs will spend time asking themselves. It consumes a lot of time and sometimes even money. Why? Because it’s your company’s identity.

And you’ll find a lot of information out there, both facts and opinions, when it comes to naming your business. But whatever information you use to influence you decision, always remember this:

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Ultimate Guide To Using Stock Videos On WordPress Sites

Ultimate Guide To Using Stock Videos On WordPress Sites

Using videos as homepage backgrounds have been surging in popularity in recent years. Doing it right and using a great video will really make a memorable impression on your users. But performance-dragging videos will deal a direct blow to your conversion rates.

We’re going to cover everything you need to know about using background videos but first, let’s start off with a complete list of websites where you can get amazing stock videos for free.

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Three Ways To Build A Device-Responsive Website

Three Ways To Build A Device-Responsive Website

While going through support logs that date back to when we first started, we just found out that every single customer of Zen WP in past 14 months requested some sort of support related to the responsiveness of their website.

That information didn’t come as a surprise because everyone today knows that responsive web design is becoming more and more relevant. After all, Google confirmed in 2015 that more searches take place on mobile devices than on desktop computers for the first time in history.

This means that your customers and visitors are probably going through your website on their mobile phones, and if your website does not function well on smaller screens or it doesn’t appeal to them, it’s not relevant to them. In other words, you’ve lost them.

And speaking of relevancy, as a result of the trend, Google has confirmed numerous times that responsive websites will have a significant affect on SEO.

So there you have it: two very important reasons why you have to make sure your website is responsive (not only on mobile devices but on tablets as well).

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All About Automatic Plugin Updates And Why You Shouldn’t

Every new WordPress site owner dreads seeing update notifications multiple times a week upon logging in.

Eventually, most people get tired of having to update their plugins all the time and end up going down two very different paths:

  1. Log in and just update every single plugin, every single time.
  2. Rarely update plugins until they become long overdue.

If you ever find yourself doing either of these two, an automatic update software sounds like the natural solution.

Usually, such a feature is provided by hosting companies as part of a managed WordPress hosting account or by a WordPress plugin.

How it works is that your host or your plugin will automatically update each and every plugin the moment an update becomes available. Some even update your WordPress core.

But we would only recommend this if you have a very basic WordPress site with static pages whose content doesn’t change often. Otherwise, we wouldn’t recommend it, as there is some room for it to wreak havoc on your site’s functionality.

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Networking On LinkedIn For Your Business


You probably know already that networking is the best way to search for key people that you could recruit for your business or promote your company. Doing it all online is the easiest and most efficient way to do that.

But online networking has its own set of challenges and difficulties. While most people know how to use social media networks like LinkedIn, many don’t know the best way to network online while seeing tangible results for their business. Here are some principles to consider as you get the most out of online networking.

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Where To Find Free Images For Your Website


When you’re running your own business and counting pennies, it’s hard to get yourself to spend money on stock photos. Websites like Shutterstock charge a hefty sum for a handful of pictures and you don’t want to risk yourself getting sued while using some random picture from the Internet.

The common notion is that you either have to pay money or settle for lesser-quality, free images. That’s not true. Here’s a list of websites that you should keep on hand whenever you need some free stock images.

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