Types of Support We Offer

Zen WP is a WordPress support and maintenance company. Upon signing up for any of our plans, our focus for your website will always be to keep it up to date, secure, and free of errors. This is the maintenance part of our service and is included in every support plan we offer.

Some of our plans (non-maintenance only plans) also include support that stretches beyond the scope of basic maintenance. This type of support may be in the form of WordPress-related but not WordPress-specific troubleshooting or development work. But as long as your plan includes it, we will provide unlimited support with only one restriction: that the development time not exceed 30 minutes of labor.

In the event that we deem any non-maintenance and development job request exceeds more than 30 minutes of development time, we will refer you to our Professional Services Team. Our Professional Services Team can do any WordPress design or development work on a project basis. Please contact your Account Manager or support for more information.

Below are some examples of job requests that fall within our 30 minute guidelines and ones that commonly do not. Please contact us if you any any questions that are specific to your situation.