Zen WP is always hiring for exceptional talent. With the company distributed across the world yet with one physical location in Newport Beach, California, Zen WP offers a unique working atmosphere that is flexible and rewarding.

Here are some answers to questions you might have about working at Zen WP:

What kind of people work at the company?

Everyone at Zen WP loves two things: WordPress and flexibility. The unique structure and efficiency of the company allows a great deal of flexibility for our employees while encouraging them to contribute to the WordPress community.

Do I have to be located near the California office or work in its timezone?

Our team is distributed all across the world. If you do not live within commuting distance of our Newport Beach, California office, you can work from your home location during your local business hours. Zen WP is a company that is active around the clock, providing support 24/7/365.

Do you hire for permanent positions or contractors?

Everyone in Zen WP that maintains residency in the United States are permanent (W-2), full-time, salaried employees with benefits. All other employees are officially contractors that are either part-time or full-time, regardless of whether they are subject to United States taxation not.

How is the company organized?

Aside from some management and marketing positions, Zen WP’s customer support team, which makes up much of our staff, is composed Junior Support Engineers and Senior Support Engineers. We’re always looking for more WordPress Support Engineers to help with our growing team.

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us at and view our available positions below:

Junior Support Engineer
United States

Junior Support Engineer
Non-United States